It Snowed All Day

Little bit of snow in the morning
Little bit of snow in the morning

After a pretty sunrise, it snowed all day. Here’s the before and after. The snow was, however, a very fine, dry, powdery texture, so there’s not much piled up after so many hours of snowfall.

snow on trees
In the early evening

Even this birdhouse is thinking “Get me out of here, I’m sick of snow!”
birdhouse and rock wall in the snow Did i just project my feelings onto a birdhouse?

13 thoughts on “It Snowed All Day”

  1. Oh, Honey, I am SO sorry! My next post I promise you will bring you SO much more HOPE then my post you saw did today. Now more then ever I am determined to find New Life and bring it to Petals all for YOU! Hang in there, my friend! I am going to check out my Pussy Willow to see if the small buds are ready to capture. FOR YOU. Love, Amy

    1. Aww thanks Amy!! Looking forward to more beautiful spring images! At let the sun came out at noon and has been bright all afternoon. Still…. There’s snow everywhere haha…

      1. It turned cold here again, my friend. I attempted to go out with you in mind to get shots of trees budding, but between the winds and the cold, it just was not possible. Perhaps tomorrow? One can only HOPE. (((HUGS))) Amy

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