Italianate style home
Italiante, or American Bracket, style home, 1874

Here’s my entry for the assignment Architecture and Monochrome. I loved these Victorian-style homes, and learned that this home is an example of the Italiante style, according to a sign put up by the town’s historical society. The second home was not mentioned on the sign but I thought it was pretty.

Victorian style home

I can’t help but include the color photos of these homes. I realized halfway through working on this assignment that the reason I’m drawn to these homes is because of their whimsical and detailed colors. Putting the images into monochrome took away from their charm, so in a way this assignment was a bit of a fail. But it made me realize that you need to approach a monochrome assignment differently, so I guess I learned a little something.

Italiante style
Italiante, or American Bracket, style

This color scheme made me smile! So much is lost in the black and white image.

pink and purple Victorian style home
Pink and purple house? Yes, please!