Canning Apple Butter and Making Gingerbread

three ball jars of apple butter
Three pints of apple butter

In the fall I tried canning for the first time. One of my projects was apple butter.

Apple butter that I made and canned
Extra apple butter that didn’t fit in the jars

I like apple butter, but maybe not so much that I needed to can three pints of it. It’s nice to spread on toast, but I prefer cherry or apricot preserves. So I decided to try using it in baking, and found this recipe for Apple Butter Gingerbread Loaf (I didn’t bother with the flavored cream cheese).

three mini loaves apple butter spice cake
Three mini loaves

The recipe was OK, but a bit too spicy for me (I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s true). I think the amount of spice you add to the bread depends on the strength of the flavor of your apple butter, and mine was quite heavy handed with the delicious fall flavors of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and  clove. But, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and for me this was too much. If I make this again I will dial down the spices in the loaf.

I also thought the texture was a bit off: kind of light and squishy like angel food, not “bready” enough. I wanted it to have more of a solid, quick bread feel.

apple butter gingerbread
I liked the gingerbread warmed and topped with maple whipped cream. (Whip some heavy cream with a bit of maple syrup to sweeten)

I might make it again but will probably try some other recipes too. For now I’m using the apple butter here and there, adding a tablespoon or two to other baked goods just for flavor. And occasionally on toast.

I had planned to post this back in October, but, better late than never.

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