Photo101: Mystery

houseplants on a windowsill with a fairy silhouette on one of the leaves, bright sunlight
I think I see something…

For the assignment called Mystery, I thought I would try to photograph something strange that’s been appearing in my plants lately. A small shadow that disappears as soon as I notice it.

Today was my lucky day. It paused long enough for me to get these shots. I moved to the side, trying to get a different view.

Hmm, losing it in the sun now…

And then it was gone. A moment later I saw…


What looks to be…


A fairy?!

And it actually seemed like she was posing for me. As if she wanted me to see her!

Nice to meet you, little fairy! I’m glad you like my plants!

fairy silhouette on a leaf with bright sunlight

The assignment said to play with lighting effects, so I made the silhouette and lens flare with bright morning sun.


Hint: it’s just a Tinkerbell toy 🙂

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