Photo101: Natural World

power lines, stream, reflecting, ducks, brown grasses and bushes
For the assignment called Natural World, I took a walk yesterday morning and hoped to see something interesting. The path crosses over a highway and runs under some heavy duty power lines, so in places it’s not exactly pretty. Nothing is green yet because the snow just melted a few days ago, so there’s not even that to spruce up the image.

But, in spite of the garbage floating in the stream or the noise of traffic rushing by, you can see the efforts of the natural world to survive and thrive. Nature never stops, never gives up, no matter what barriers or obstacles seem to be in its way. If things can grow in a place then we will see sprouts and movement and color, or we will see the evidence of those things that tried and didn’t make it. Nature is always trying.

So in this image we see the natural world framed by things that we created for our version of the world. I like the ducks diving and splashing, the reflections in the water, and even the scrubby grasses and old branches of the bushes leftover from last year.

The assignment also said to consider the lines in the photograph, and while I suppose there are the literal power lines in the shot, the reflections create nice lines too 🙂

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