Rewind to the Part With the Squash

blue hubbard, red kuri, acorn, cheese pumpkin squash
Bins and bins and bins of squash!

I wish I could go back to October and get some of these delicious squash. I know just what I would do with each one of them.

Starting in the front, blue hubbard. Someone at the farm told me that they work well in place of pumpkin in a pie. I planned to try that, but never got around to buying one and doing it. Now I’ll have to wait a few months.

Next in line is my new favorite, red kuri. The dense and creamy flesh holds up to sauteing and worked wonders in livening up my stir fry dinners. I even saw a recipe online that suggested frying up slices for breakfast to replace the meat in a steak and eggs dish. Never got around to trying that either. I would also be interested in baking with the red kuri because of its sweetness.

Next is acorn squash. Not as new and exotic as some others, but always good for a roast with some butter and salt and pepper. Thankfully I can get them in the grocery store along with butternut squash. The two staples when it comes to squash.

I wish I had more cheese pumpkins so I could have a constant pumpkin pie in my fridge.

kabocha and delicata squash in bins
I miss you, kabocha and delicata

Kabocha, I would roast you or turn you into soup. You would take the winter chill away in an instant.

And delicata, I would saute you with some onions until everything was nice and caramelized.

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