Happy New Year and Happy Birthdays

snow on tree branches, gray

Geez, it’s been a while. So the holidays happened. Hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. I did.

I hope to post more frequently. I really mean it this time. For real. ……sigh……it’s tough to find time.

snow, road, gray, snowstorm
This is what hasn’t been happening outside lately and my kids are very disappointed. They enjoyed the inch that fell on Tuesday, and that’s enough for me. This is a snow storm from last February.

Happy New Year to everyone! Best wishes for 2015.

And today Happy Birthday to my Mom, David Bowie, and anyone else celebrating their birthday today. We’re lucky to have you!

snow on tree branches, gray
Snowy branches from last winter. I had a plastic bag over my camera because it was snowing so hard, but I still like the way the photo came out.

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