I can’t quite put this in the “Dream Car” category as the Ford Galaxie 500 I saw recently, but this green MG convertible still looks like a lot of fun.

Green MG B "rubber bumper"
Green MG B “rubber bumper”

Again, I don’t know much about cars, but after some, um, diligent research on Wikipedia, it seems like this may have been made around 1975. According to this image on Wiki and the scanning of image search results I did, this model was known as a “rubber bumper.” According to classicandperformancecar.com

North American regulations requested a raised ride height and polyurethane-covered bumpers required to withstand 5mph impacts without sustaining damage. Although condemned at the time by fans, the federalised MGB was actually a successful styling job compared with its Italian rivals. Later B-series engines in North America were reduced to a single Zenith Stromberg carb, emission equipment and a catalyst. Now these black bumper cars offer the best regular use practicality and value of all the MGBs.

I saw this car on one of my trips to the farm. It was fun to see a sporty little car like this sticking out among the tractors.

(I can see the peonies in the background of the photo. Oh peonies, I miss you already!)