Day 31, The Flower Rocket Experiment: Less Rocket and More Horse-Drawn Carriage

So, since my trip to the nursery, who has had time for the Flower Rocket lately? I have so many more interesting things happening in my little container garden, that the Rockets are definitely not getting the same attention as they were several weeks ago.

Day 31 Flower Rocket.
Day 31 Flower Rocket. Oh, I’m sorry, are you still here?

The most interesting thing here is the maple tree that’s growing in the upper right. The seed was one of those little “helicopters” that choppered its way into the pot. I noticed it on the day that the helicopter was still hanging on to the leaves. I should have taken a picture, but missed the opportunity—it had fallen off by the time I went back out there. You snooze, you lose!

Flower Rocket day 31
New growth up top

This pot has some interesting things happening….but, sadly, it’s not part of the Flower Rocket. Up top, these are spouts from seeds of this plant (below) that I also received as a gift for Mother’s Day.

pink and white five petal flower
Mystery flower. Some day I will research and find the name….

I don’t know the name of these flowers, but when they dry out they create tons of seeds, as I found out when I was picking off the dead blossoms. Seeds spilled everywhere. So, I scooped them up and threw them in the Flower Rocket pot to liven things up.

I’ll admit that I do notice some more variation in the different plants and it’s, um, kind of coming along. But it’s definitely feeling like less of a ride on a Flower Rocket and more of a ride on a Flower Horse-Drawn Carriage. Or maybe a Barge. Or Wheelbarrow. Being pushed through sand.

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