A Trip to the Garden Nursery: Greenhouses and Ponds

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I finally got out to the nursery.

These beautiful orchids were in the indoor greenhouse of the garden center. They share the space with bonsai trees and many varieties of cactus.

white orchid with purple and yellow center
We’ll just call this the white one…

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the tags so I can’t name the species.

pink spotted orchid
…and we’ll call this the pink one.

Outside was a pond with these shiny lily pads. I spotted two frogs. Can you see them?

lilly pads and frog outdoor pond
I’ll tell you where this one is hiding: look at the center of the black filter and go up…froggy is hiding under the leaf folding out from the left.

This one I heard before I saw. When I walked around to this side of the pond, I saw it puff out its throat as it made its weird song. I must have made it self-conscious because it stopped croaking then.

lilly pads and frog
The singing frog is on the right side of the frame. See the yellow leaf on the rock in the lower-right corner? From the tip of that leaf, look up until you see froggy poking its head out.

The nursery had greenhouse-type structures set up outside. Two ponds lined the path running down the center of the covered dome. They were full of fish.

Calm on this side.

yellow and orange fish indoor pond
The yellow one hiding under the beam was huge.

And fiesty on this side.

orange fish indoor pond
What made these fish so jumpy? Could it have been my shrieking children?

I bought some plants and got them all in their containers yesterday, but not before the light got too dim. I’ll take some photos and hope to post them tonight.

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