11 thoughts on “What do you see in this cloud? (Fun with pareidolia)”

    1. 3 dragon heads, interesting. I think I might see one. On the left side, near the top of the line of clouds? The dragon is looking out to the left?

      In that same spot is where I saw an Easter Island-style head, looking up and to the right. Its open mouth could be the dragon’s eye, maybe.

      The first thing I saw in the clouds was an upside-down ray gun in the little wisp in the top center of the photo. The ray gun is pointing toward the bottom-left corner of the pic.

      1. yes that’s how pareidolia works. You’ll see what your mind fills in. I’ve circled the dragon heads and watermarked photo and placed on a sample page, which I’ll delete once you see what I’m talking about.

        1. Very nice poem, thanks for sharing that.

          Have you ever seen Faces in Things on Twitter? It’s basically photos of everyday objects where you can make out a face. It’s fun.

          1. ah no I’m not on Twitter believe it or not. I like to see them in everyday objects in my life. I see them in tiles on floor, in rugs with patterns, in clouds in the sky, all kinds of things. But yes it is fun!

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