Assateague Island photos, cannibalistic crab stories

I visited Assateague Island, Virginia, yesterday afternoon. Thick clouds moved across the sky to create some interesting lighting effects.

The evening sky leaving Assateague Island
The evening sky leaving Assateague Island

I saw a few of the island’s wild ponies, but far off from the road. They were running and possibly playing. I only caught a glimpse, and not with my camera.

Picked up some scallops and hush puppies for dinner. The staff at the crab house had to constantly turn people away who were looking for blue crabs. This is the second consecutive bad year for the crab harvest. “No one on the island has blue crabs,” they said, “and it’s going to be this way all summer.” Prices have gone up almost 200% per bushel, according to the waitress.

Last year’s harvest was considered the worst in decades, but that comes after a record high year in 2012, says this article from Southern Maryland Online.

Increased water temperatures and high rates of cannibalism are said to be factors in last year’s low numbers. Cannibalism? Yes, apparently blue crabs don’t have any hang ups about that sort of thing. Even they know how delicious they are!

No ponies but a nice view on Assateague Island
No ponies, but a nice view on Assateague Island

It’s disappointing news (but kind of fascinating about the cannibalism). The beach season is basically getting started this weekend, and to know that there won’t be any blue crabs (or any that I can afford, probably) this year is a bummer. And to think the crabs are eating each other out there. Hey, save some for me! 

Apparently there's a lot of cannibalism happening out there.
Apparently there’s a lot of cannibalism happening in those waters.

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