The Flower Rocket Experiment

On Mother’s Day, my daughter proudly marched me outside to see my gift. What looked like a piece of blue bubble wrap sticking out of a flower pot is actually something called the Flower Rocket (as seen on TV!, apparently). The grandparents helped my kids plant them, and luckily they saved the box so there was something to explain what I was looking at. This allowed me to show genuine enthusiasm for my gift, as opposed to the times when, well…anyone who’s ever gotten a scribbled paper as a present knows what I’m talking about.

Flower rocket day 5
Flower Rocket Day 5

So here they are on Day 5. Looking good, seeing some tiny bits of green sprouting.

Flower Rocket, Day 5, closeup
Day 5, sprouts
Day 5, sprouts, flower rocket
Day 5, sprouts

Here they are on Day 7. You can start to see differences between the sprouts. So far, so good.

Day 7, sprouts, flower rocket
Day 7, sprouts
Day 7, sprouts, flower rocket
Day 7, sprouts

The box promises that I’m getting 15 flower varieties, with more than 2,000 seeds, thousands of flowers, and continuous blooming all summer long. I’m excited and looking forward to how these turn out!

Has anyone had experience with these rocket things? I see that there’s a tomato one as well.

UPDATE: April 2015, To see how it all turned out, see the list of posts that I wrote about my two Flower Rockets

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