Ghost Story: Dresden Remixed

Warning, SPOILERS: for #13 of The Dresden Files, Ghost Story

Sometimes there’s a benefit to being so behind on things. I’ve had the luxury of reading the Dresden Files books whenever I chose, always knowing the next one was just a library trip away. I’m excited to be almost caught up, and to read Skin Game when everyone else does, but I’m also slightly worried about having to wait for the publication of the next installment. Especially after the cliff-hanger between Changes and Ghost Story.

I feel bad for fans who had to wait over a year between books. Lucky for me, it was only a couple hours between finishing Changes and starting the next one. Once the kids were in bed for the night I picked up Cold Days to see where this story was going. Something made me double check that I had right book before I started reading and I realized….oh, it’s Ghost Story next. OOHHHH! Ghost Story is next! Duh, right, cause he’s dead now. Made a lot of sense after that, but I’m still happy I didn’t have to wait long for it.

I liked Ghost Story. It was fun to see Harry navigate his world with a new set of rules — a new twist on favorite elements of the series. Harry did a lot of soul-searching throughout, and I loved learning more about his past. The part where he talks to Lea about Justin was great, and I am still so curious to know more about the deals that Harry and his mom each made with Lea. Poor Harry, reliving Susan’s death constantly in this book. The only thing that made it not so terribly depressing is that Chichen Itza is fun to say in your head.

Harry getting to check up on Maggie at the end was nice, especially when he hugged Mouse. Very sweet. I love the visual of the Carpenter home surrounded by guardian angels, and I felt a bit of relief, both for Maggie’s sake and for Michael & Co. There haven’t been too many updates on them since Micheal got shot up in Small Favor. Same goes for Ivy and Kincaid, too. We heard that Michael was crippled, and know that Kincaid is alive and still a decent shot, but not a whole lot more. I want to know how everyone is doing. I can’t help it, I worry 🙂

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