Cramming before Skin Game

With roughly a month before #15 of The Dresden Files series, Skin Game, comes out, I’m trying to get caught up so I can read the new book spoiler-free as soon as it’s released. I started reading the series last year and was instantly hooked. As much as I try to pace myself with these books, they end up being much too fun and I compulsively read until they are over. Up to this point, I have had to request each book from my county’s network of libraries, which means I’ve had to wait a couple weeks until I could pick them up at my local branch. Next on my list is Changes, and much to my joy and simultaneous dismay, my library has the next three books sitting right there on the shelf, just waiting for me to pick them up and bring them home.

Three Dresden books at once.



Awesome because I’d like nothing more than to sit someplace comfortable and devour them. Goddamnit because I know I need to pay attention to other things, like, oh, my kids, my husband, the cooking, cleaning, friends, family, life, other stuff. They’re so addictive that it actually makes me angry. Not angry at the books, I suppose, but angry that I don’t have unlimited time in which to enjoy them.

Aw, Dresden, I can’t stay mad at you. I’m coming for you later, after the kids go to bed.

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